Sunday, December 30, 2012

A big night in store in the Big Apple

Dear Zuri,

Christmas in Stockholm dazzled and delighted! But New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple will be spectacular! I reconsidered my Jenny Packham (I have another event in Feb. it'll be perfect for), and decided to go with this Catherine Regehr off-the-shoulder number. With my stiletto Edmundo Castillo pumps, I may outshine even the Waterford Crystal Ball in Times Square!

I'll be wearing this off-shoulder gown by Catherine Regehr on NYE!
The Cipriani 42nd Street just drips with European decadence and they have a VIP table reserved for us. After we’ve rung in the New Year with music, dancing and champagne, we can limo over to the B.B. King Blues Club for their famous after party. You will finally get to meet Allie! I’m so excited to celebrate the end of 2012 with my two best friends in the world.

This morning I received the most exquisite bouquet of roses. The concierge here at The Plaza brought them up himself. The card read, “It will be a night to remember.” But there was no signature. Do you have any idea who may have sent them? It could be one of so many. . .

I dare say I am intrigued! I have a feeling New Year’s Eve may have some sensational surprises in store!

I’m off now to the spa for some primping and pampering. A vaping vamp's gotta look her absolute vampiest on the last night of 2012!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Extra Brut (and I'm not just talking champagne!)

Dear Zuri,

Landed in Stockholm last week, and spent the past few days recovering from jetlag at the Story Hotel in the middle of Östermalm - you know, the ritzy, east side of Stockholm. This hotel is amazing! Art deco paintings and artwork everywhere and you should see my room, not to mention the gentlemen both inside and outside the bar. We’re definitely staying here next time we meet here!

Last night I went Christmas shopping at NK, (a giant, Swedish 'mall') and happened to catch their yearly fashion show. It was a “smörgåsbord” of fashion ranging from DKNY, Burberry and some Swedish labels; one of them is called 'Acne,' which definitely doesn’t translate well!

Absolut Ice Bar, Stockholm, Sweden
While mingling in the crowd, I ran into an old co-worker from my New York office who was apparently working with a few of the designers! I hadn’t seen him in several years and when he invited me backstage for some champagne with the models and designers - well, I know how to seize good opportunity! I was wearing my favorite long-sleeved black DKNY dress and leather jacket, and was feeling especially fashionista-vampy ;-)

After meeting the male underwear models, I whipped out my e-cig and vaped backstage while scantily dressed, gorgeous men uncorked a bottle of Grande Cuvée Extra Brut champagne. A vaping vamp likes both her men and her champagne in extra brut!

Then a few of us ventured out to the Absolut Ice Bar to chill out and tease a few turister.

Gotta go, my aunt and uncle just called me. . .


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Night flying

Dear Zuri,

So, as you know I’m spending this Christmas in Sweden, to have a little bonding time with colleagues and catch up with my Swedish relatives.

Well, the flight to Stockholm turned out even more interesting than usual. After buying a bottle of Vol de Nuit (which ironically means “night flying,” exactly what I was doing) at the duty free shop, a tall handsome German with curly hair and deep blue eyes sat down next to me at the gate.

Looking down at my footwear, he said, “With a pair of shoes like that, you’ll need to stay warm.” (I was wearing my favorite Lagerfeld pair- the ones I bought last time we were in Paris, those white, vintage heels, remember? ;-) )
My favorite Lagerfeld shoes
I couldn’t help myself but flirt back, “That depends on just how hot my destination is” whereupon he promptly offered me his Valentino cashmere scarf (I just adore a well-dressed man in a scarf!).

As we flirted back and forth, Tobias informed me that he's a German diplomat returning from a lengthy stay in Minnesota (the international negotiations took place in Minneapolis). I vaped while he told me a little about his life in Berlin.

He told me he recently quit smoking (for the umpteenth time: apparently, it’s an on-again-off-again thing, you know, just like some relationships). He was quite fascinated with my vaping. I told him that kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray, and he asked me if that was an invitation. Oh, the vampiness knows no limit whilst vaping!

After boarding, he magically appeared next to me in seat 1B. He said, “Traveling next to a beautiful woman. . . now that’s traveling first class.”

As the flight attendant handed us two glasses of Cristal champagne, I said, “no matter where a vaping vamp sits, she’s always in first class.”

More on my visit with Tobias later… just heard back from my CEO...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

I vaped while Terrence flamed

Dear Zuri,

You'll be happy to know I landed safely in San Francisco into the arms of my new friend Terrence – you know, the one who works for Tommy Pham's Grp.E brand of "great fitting jeans that are comfortable, tough, and come off in a snap."

Too bad he's light in the loafers (blue suede Versace loafers, to be exact) because he's one hunk o' burnin' love. We met a few weeks ago in the executive suite at The Who concert in Minneapolis, and got our grind on to the give-me-fever hot rockin' soul of opening act Vintage Trouble. They call their fans Troublemakers, and we definitely fit the bill!

Vaping at Vessel, San Francisco
We started the night at Kiss Seafood where their food is artistic perfection; the halibut under egg custard and mushroom/scallop broth was to die for. Then made our way to the classy club Vessel, where a little naughtiness ensued.

After popping a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, I vaped and he flamed. I was red-carpet white-hot in my Badgley Mischka halter cocktail dress, which caught the eye of a certain someone known in celebrity circles. Naturally, Terrence, who dresses the glitterati for sexy success, also knew him.

It was like a scene from a slow-motion movie as Patrick made his way to our table. He gave Terrence a slapped-shoulder hello, then turned toward me and asked to be introduced to his lovely lady friend. I extended my arm and he gently grasped my wrist, went down on one knee and gave my hand a tender kiss. I love it when a man falls to his knees for me.

So let me tell you a little more about Patrick. Uh-oh, freeze frame. Got a flight to catch!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

What you missed in Paris

Dear Allie,

I’m so bummed you missed Paris! What a trip! Zuri knows everyone who’s anyone. And the food…well it was almost as delectable as the guys. Speaking of the male persuasion, I met this Parisian gentleman, and I use the term gentleman loosely, darling.

After a scrumptious dinner of Breton lobster with fennel at Le Grand Vefour, Zuri and I were vaping it up at Le Cab, a timeless underground club next to the Louvre. It’s no surprise I caught his interest…I was wearing my new Gucci Volant dress, so chic!

Vaping inside Le Cab, Paris
Anyway, this hot Frenchman sauntered up and kissed my bare shoulder! I went to slap him, he caught my hand and our eyes locked. Mine flashed pure outrage but his, well, the look of passion flamed hotter than any cherries flambé! Zuri hustled me out of the club cursing him in French and Russian and even Bulgarian I think!

But that didn’t stop him. Later that night we saw him again at the Moulin Rouge. I caught his gaze across the room just as a waiter delivered a bottle of Dom Perignon. My skin tingled.

The server handed me a business card. Zuri tore it from my fingers and gasped when she realized who my admirer was. She clicked her tongue. “No, my little Vita. You must not. He is magnificent yes, but too dangerous. Many a woman has been burned by his flame.”
But I thought to myself… a vaping vamp doesn’t get burned, she adds fuel to the fires of passion!

Call you later. I’m late for a meeting!