Sunday, December 16, 2012

Night flying

Dear Zuri,

So, as you know I’m spending this Christmas in Sweden, to have a little bonding time with colleagues and catch up with my Swedish relatives.

Well, the flight to Stockholm turned out even more interesting than usual. After buying a bottle of Vol de Nuit (which ironically means “night flying,” exactly what I was doing) at the duty free shop, a tall handsome German with curly hair and deep blue eyes sat down next to me at the gate.

Looking down at my footwear, he said, “With a pair of shoes like that, you’ll need to stay warm.” (I was wearing my favorite Lagerfeld pair- the ones I bought last time we were in Paris, those white, vintage heels, remember? ;-) )
My favorite Lagerfeld shoes
I couldn’t help myself but flirt back, “That depends on just how hot my destination is” whereupon he promptly offered me his Valentino cashmere scarf (I just adore a well-dressed man in a scarf!).

As we flirted back and forth, Tobias informed me that he's a German diplomat returning from a lengthy stay in Minnesota (the international negotiations took place in Minneapolis). I vaped while he told me a little about his life in Berlin.

He told me he recently quit smoking (for the umpteenth time: apparently, it’s an on-again-off-again thing, you know, just like some relationships). He was quite fascinated with my vaping. I told him that kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray, and he asked me if that was an invitation. Oh, the vampiness knows no limit whilst vaping!

After boarding, he magically appeared next to me in seat 1B. He said, “Traveling next to a beautiful woman. . . now that’s traveling first class.”

As the flight attendant handed us two glasses of Cristal champagne, I said, “no matter where a vaping vamp sits, she’s always in first class.”

More on my visit with Tobias later… just heard back from my CEO...


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