Sunday, December 2, 2012

What you missed in Paris

Dear Allie,

I’m so bummed you missed Paris! What a trip! Zuri knows everyone who’s anyone. And the food…well it was almost as delectable as the guys. Speaking of the male persuasion, I met this Parisian gentleman, and I use the term gentleman loosely, darling.

After a scrumptious dinner of Breton lobster with fennel at Le Grand Vefour, Zuri and I were vaping it up at Le Cab, a timeless underground club next to the Louvre. It’s no surprise I caught his interest…I was wearing my new Gucci Volant dress, so chic!

Vaping inside Le Cab, Paris
Anyway, this hot Frenchman sauntered up and kissed my bare shoulder! I went to slap him, he caught my hand and our eyes locked. Mine flashed pure outrage but his, well, the look of passion flamed hotter than any cherries flambé! Zuri hustled me out of the club cursing him in French and Russian and even Bulgarian I think!

But that didn’t stop him. Later that night we saw him again at the Moulin Rouge. I caught his gaze across the room just as a waiter delivered a bottle of Dom Perignon. My skin tingled.

The server handed me a business card. Zuri tore it from my fingers and gasped when she realized who my admirer was. She clicked her tongue. “No, my little Vita. You must not. He is magnificent yes, but too dangerous. Many a woman has been burned by his flame.”
But I thought to myself… a vaping vamp doesn’t get burned, she adds fuel to the fires of passion!

Call you later. I’m late for a meeting!


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