Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dancing til sunrise at Sundance

Dear Zuri,

Slight change of plans... Patrick, after making his unannounced visit last weekend, again surprised me with a late-hour invite to the Sundance Film Festival. My debut there – and what a scene! Movies, music, beautiful people and scrumptious scenes. And tons of action!

Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks at Sundance Film Festival

Knowing how much I love music, it won't surprise you that my favorite film was Dave Grohl's directorial debut, "Sound City" – a documentary showcasing the studio where countless legendary albums were recorded, including Nirvana's "Nevermind." Stevie Nicks, who recorded there with Fleetwood Mac, was even there at the festival to help promote.

Alicia Keys was also there to debut her first film as executive producer and composer – and Friday was her birthday. That night, we caught Eric Hutchinson at the ASCAP Music CafĂ©. Patrick knows seemingly everyone, and he made me feel like a celebrity.

We closed the night's festivities with a VIP visit to Star Bar, Park City's newest fully renovated club. I went vintage in an Oleg Cassini sequined LBD. "Rebel Rebel, put on your dress…" (you get the picture!) My hot black Vampstick was a necessary accessory.

We mingled into dawn, when Patrick whispered a little something about my own star quality. Yes, a Vaping Vamp makes an indelible impression - no matter what scene she's in!

I'm bringing the sun back to chilly Minneapolis. And memories to make me dance!

Talk soon,


Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Unexpected Visitor at the Benefit

Dear Zuri,

The benefit for Viktor was . . . well, interesting, to say the least. Tons of people were there – even some surprise visitors (more on that later), the music was rocking and I even turned a few more friends onto vaping as I sat perched on a bar stool, flashing the blue tip of my sleek black e-cigarette.

Party time! Drinking and vaping definitely go together!
The beginning of the evening was innocent enough. Viktor, whose Russian accent is absolutely charming, not to mention that shock of gorgeous red hair, was absolutely blown away by the show of love and support. Between the funds we’ve raised for him and the many, many donations of clothing, furniture, etc., he’s getting firmly back on his feet after the post-Christmas fire that completely destroyed his apartment.

But I think between all the excitement, the free-flowing wine and the Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake, Viktor was sick to his stomach for most of the evening. But I’m afraid another contributing factor was the fact that halfway through the evening, I had an unexpected visitor.

Zuri, I can just hear you saying, “I told you so, Vita! You are playing with fire!”

Now I might’ve expected another dozen roses from my Parisian playboy or another Chanel scarf from my German diplomat. But this was totally unexpected. Remember Patrick from my weekend in San Francisco? Well, because we’re friends on Facebook, he had heard all about the benefit. It turned out he was in town scouting out a location for his next film, and decided to surprise me.

He not only surprised me – he really surprised poor Viktor, who no doubt was thinking he might be able to park in my garage in both the literal and figurative sense. But you see, proximity is not a vantage, for a Vaping Vamp knows no bounds!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

My red-haired Russian rises from the ashes

Dear Zuri,

Remember Viktor from that first night when I met you? The red-haired Russian who’s studying architecture at the U of MN?

Well, he’s moving into the other half of my duplex! I mean, what’s there not to like about a guy who can cook a nice hot meal and tinker under the hood of my 1968 Volvo?

Actually, it’s quite a story. You see, his apartment building burned to the ground three days after Xmas. They determined the cause of the fire was unattended candles in a first floor apartment.

Viktor's apartment building burned to the ground three days after Xmas
Fortunately, he and everyone in the building got out OK as it was 8 in the morning. True to form, Viktor was at the gym, working on his amazing pec’s and biceps!

But the bad news is that he lost literally everything he had brought from Moscow and accumulated here in the fire, including that sexy turtleneck sweater he wore the night he came over and cooked for me. I already went out and got him a Loro Piana cashmere sweater. I mean, a Vaping Vamp’s next-door man should always dress in style!

He has made quite a few friends in the last several months, and I’ve organized a fund-raiser for him next Friday night. I’ll tell you all about it next weekend!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daring dances and good deeds

Dear Allie,

What a New Years! I wish you could have stayed longer because after midnight things started to sizzle on the dance floor!

After toasting to 2013 under a downpour of balloons and confetti, I found myself face to face with the mysterious Frenchman I had met in Paris. He kissed my hand, and then pulled me close for a chaste brush of lips. Before I could react he whispered in my ear, “Allow me the honor of the first dance, of what will be an extraordinary new year.”

Dancing the Salsa on New Year's Eve
Like magic, the crowd parted as he led me to the dance floor. With a nod of his head the band lit up the room with a ferociously sexy Latin song. I silently thanked my mother for dance lessons as I slid into a perfect Salsa. His dancing was equally magnificent as we pulsated together in a rhythm of sultry seduction.

Zuri was shaking her head violently at us, but he didn’t take his eyes off me! When the music ended he whispered again, “Until we meet again, I shall dream of nothing but you.” And then he was gone! “That was Perrin Marseau, my darling. His family is infamous in France,” Zuri said, again warning me off of the dangerously sexy Parisian.

I did my first good deed of 2013 later at B.B. King’s nightclub. After overhearing our waitress bemoan her many attempts to quit smoking every New Year, I pulled her aside and handed her a Tia Berry cartomizer and e-cig. “Vaping is the answer!” I told her with a wink.

More to tell later, but for now I have to catch a flight back home to the Twin Cities. I’m wearing my latest favorite Armani ensemble, just in case…. A Vaping Vamp is always dressed for success and surprises!