Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Unexpected Visitor at the Benefit

Dear Zuri,

The benefit for Viktor was . . . well, interesting, to say the least. Tons of people were there – even some surprise visitors (more on that later), the music was rocking and I even turned a few more friends onto vaping as I sat perched on a bar stool, flashing the blue tip of my sleek black e-cigarette.

Party time! Drinking and vaping definitely go together!
The beginning of the evening was innocent enough. Viktor, whose Russian accent is absolutely charming, not to mention that shock of gorgeous red hair, was absolutely blown away by the show of love and support. Between the funds we’ve raised for him and the many, many donations of clothing, furniture, etc., he’s getting firmly back on his feet after the post-Christmas fire that completely destroyed his apartment.

But I think between all the excitement, the free-flowing wine and the Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake, Viktor was sick to his stomach for most of the evening. But I’m afraid another contributing factor was the fact that halfway through the evening, I had an unexpected visitor.

Zuri, I can just hear you saying, “I told you so, Vita! You are playing with fire!”

Now I might’ve expected another dozen roses from my Parisian playboy or another Chanel scarf from my German diplomat. But this was totally unexpected. Remember Patrick from my weekend in San Francisco? Well, because we’re friends on Facebook, he had heard all about the benefit. It turned out he was in town scouting out a location for his next film, and decided to surprise me.

He not only surprised me – he really surprised poor Viktor, who no doubt was thinking he might be able to park in my garage in both the literal and figurative sense. But you see, proximity is not a vantage, for a Vaping Vamp knows no bounds!


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