Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dancing til sunrise at Sundance

Dear Zuri,

Slight change of plans... Patrick, after making his unannounced visit last weekend, again surprised me with a late-hour invite to the Sundance Film Festival. My debut there – and what a scene! Movies, music, beautiful people and scrumptious scenes. And tons of action!

Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks at Sundance Film Festival

Knowing how much I love music, it won't surprise you that my favorite film was Dave Grohl's directorial debut, "Sound City" – a documentary showcasing the studio where countless legendary albums were recorded, including Nirvana's "Nevermind." Stevie Nicks, who recorded there with Fleetwood Mac, was even there at the festival to help promote.

Alicia Keys was also there to debut her first film as executive producer and composer – and Friday was her birthday. That night, we caught Eric Hutchinson at the ASCAP Music CafĂ©. Patrick knows seemingly everyone, and he made me feel like a celebrity.

We closed the night's festivities with a VIP visit to Star Bar, Park City's newest fully renovated club. I went vintage in an Oleg Cassini sequined LBD. "Rebel Rebel, put on your dress…" (you get the picture!) My hot black Vampstick was a necessary accessory.

We mingled into dawn, when Patrick whispered a little something about my own star quality. Yes, a Vaping Vamp makes an indelible impression - no matter what scene she's in!

I'm bringing the sun back to chilly Minneapolis. And memories to make me dance!

Talk soon,


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