Sunday, February 24, 2013

A proposal, after honey nut cake

Dear Allie,

 Zuri was right. Perrin is dangerous. . . dangerously compassionate!

 Turns out this sexy Frenchman is as much philanthropist as playboy, and he’s asked me to help him. I’m so excited about this opportunity to give back! Wait till you hear about the project, but first I have to tell you how he asked for my help.

He flew in from Paris to surprise me. I think he was pretty surprised himself that I hadn’t spent my birthday with him… anyway, he picked me up in limo and off we went to Restaurant Alma. It’s in the Northeast neighborhood and very intimate. The seasonal organic menu changes frequently, so I never get bored!

Perrin reserved the private mezzanine room just for the two of us. I had the roasted duck but I must say that his pork Milanese was sublime. Oh and dessert! Allie, it was heavenly, a Moroccan Honey Nut cake that simply danced with exotic flavor.

After dessert Perrin got down on his knee and offered me a black velvet box. My heart did skip a beat, but then he opened it to show me the most beautiful fiery diamond earrings I’ve ever seen. He smiled that sexy crooked smile of his and said, “My enchanting Vita, will you do me the honor of accepting a post as spokesperson for my new outreach program for young women in France.

The number of French women who are smoking is actually on the rise.  
"Smoking is still quite a problem, especially among young women. Unfortunately, our government’s anti-smoking campaigns have been…well, ineffective. I want a new approach. And I need your savvy and elegance to show how vaping is far better, and far sexier than smoking.”

Of course I said yes! I’m so excited about speaking to other women about how I switched to vaping. Thank goodness my French is excellent! Perrin outlined his program and the possible tour dates around France later in the year.

Well, I’m off to do some shopping. A vaping vamp must always set a stylish example!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ski, snow and red, red wine

Dear Zuri,

Thank you for the birthday card! Yes, I had a great birthday!

Remember Tobias, the German diplomat I told you about? Well, he sent me those mystery packages last week, one intended for Valentine's Day and the other for my birthday. I opened the birthday package on Thursday, where I found a round-trip ticket to Lake Tahoe!

Perrin had invited me to Brussels with him for a private tasting at a brand new luxury chocolate boutique, and Patrick had invited me to New York for a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” show followed by a trip to the actual Tiffany’s. Viktor offered to make me a gourmet dinner, which I could accept at any time since he now lives next door.

But Tobias’ mystery packages and offer to ski at Tahoe caught my attention this weekend. I mean, a Vaping Vamp always entertains several man-notions, but only the best of the best wins her attention!

I planned my outfit around this beautiful scarf, inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night 

I flew first class to a charming little ski resort, where I was first treated to a delicious spa. Then I got ready for dinner, planning my outfit around the stunning silk scarf with the Van Gogh Starry Night motif that Tobias had sent me in his mystery package.

After a day of skiing down the beautiful white slopes, Tobias treated me to dinner at Cafe Fiore, which features not only the best Italian food in the area, but it's also voted one of the "best places to kiss in Northern California!"

Skiing, fresh air, and red, red wine… who could ask for more? But the fun had only just begun. . .

The next day, we drove southwest to Napa Valley for an evening of wine tasting. I took vaping breaks in between visits to various wineries, such as the Kuleto Estate, where we sipped wine and watched the sunset from their hillside location overlooking the valley.



Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mystery men and their packages

Dear Zuri,

After cheering on the 49ers and saying goodbye to Patrick, I flew back to Minneapolis on Sunday evening so I could make an important work meeting on Monday.

When I got home, outside my door were two mysterious, brown paper packages, tied up with strings. There was a note attached, and the moment I opened it and read the message written in German, I knew who sent it. . .

Brown paper package from Tobias. . . tied up with strings.
Freue Geburtstag, Liebling!

One of these packages is for you to open immediately, and the other is for your birthday. Because the absence of you and your sweet vapors just makes my heart grow fonder. . .

Alles Liebe,


The larger box marked “Open me first” contained a stunning bottle of Crémant d'Alsace champagne that had been elegantly wrapped with violet-colored tissue and ribbons.

The second box had a note attached that read: “Open on your special day.”

Oh, don’t you just love a man that pays this close attention to detail? ;-)

As you know, Zuri, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day, but I’m actually celebrating it this weekend at that beautiful, modern-deco hotel in downtown Minneapolis - the one where you stayed at last time you were here.

The hotel owner, who also recently switched to vaping after my encouragement at Viktor’s benefit a few weeks ago, insisted on lending me his own private party suite as an early birthday present and a thank you for turning him on to vaping!

I have a feeling this birthday will be one of the more memorable ones. Valentine's Day is one of the vampiest days of the year, and when you add my birthday to it. . . Va Va Vamp!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Painting the town red in honor of "Wear Red Day"

Dear Zuri,

My debut at Sundance was truly just the beginning. Patrick followed that up with tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of Sound City, which was followed by an all-star concert at the Hollywood Palladium.

The Sound City Players rocked the night. My favorite performance was the collaboration by Sir Paul McCartney and the ever-talented Dave Grohl. "Cut Me Some Slack!"

On Friday, Patrick gave me a tour of his film production company. That night we painted the town red in honor of the American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day. I dazzled in rayon and rhinestones, and of course proudly vaped in honor of women's health, offering Vampstick to a group of girlfriends puffing on the patio at a club on Ventura Boulevard.

Butting in so I could talk about butting out ;-) Looking chic as always, it wasn't hard to convince them that smoking was passé and vaping is in vogue!

Patrick and I are making our way up the coast to San Francisco in his Dodge Viper, where we'll watch the Super Bowl with Terrence as he cheers on his 49ers. We'll show him a good time as a thank you for introducing us.

I'm not a gambling girl, but I'm betting there are many points to be made with this new friend. And so, dear Zuri, you ask who's winning? I think we can both guess the outcome, as we know that a vaping vamp on her game always knows the score. 

Game On!