Sunday, February 24, 2013

A proposal, after honey nut cake

Dear Allie,

 Zuri was right. Perrin is dangerous. . . dangerously compassionate!

 Turns out this sexy Frenchman is as much philanthropist as playboy, and he’s asked me to help him. I’m so excited about this opportunity to give back! Wait till you hear about the project, but first I have to tell you how he asked for my help.

He flew in from Paris to surprise me. I think he was pretty surprised himself that I hadn’t spent my birthday with him… anyway, he picked me up in limo and off we went to Restaurant Alma. It’s in the Northeast neighborhood and very intimate. The seasonal organic menu changes frequently, so I never get bored!

Perrin reserved the private mezzanine room just for the two of us. I had the roasted duck but I must say that his pork Milanese was sublime. Oh and dessert! Allie, it was heavenly, a Moroccan Honey Nut cake that simply danced with exotic flavor.

After dessert Perrin got down on his knee and offered me a black velvet box. My heart did skip a beat, but then he opened it to show me the most beautiful fiery diamond earrings I’ve ever seen. He smiled that sexy crooked smile of his and said, “My enchanting Vita, will you do me the honor of accepting a post as spokesperson for my new outreach program for young women in France.

The number of French women who are smoking is actually on the rise.  
"Smoking is still quite a problem, especially among young women. Unfortunately, our government’s anti-smoking campaigns have been…well, ineffective. I want a new approach. And I need your savvy and elegance to show how vaping is far better, and far sexier than smoking.”

Of course I said yes! I’m so excited about speaking to other women about how I switched to vaping. Thank goodness my French is excellent! Perrin outlined his program and the possible tour dates around France later in the year.

Well, I’m off to do some shopping. A vaping vamp must always set a stylish example!


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