Sunday, December 23, 2012

Extra Brut (and I'm not just talking champagne!)

Dear Zuri,

Landed in Stockholm last week, and spent the past few days recovering from jetlag at the Story Hotel in the middle of Östermalm - you know, the ritzy, east side of Stockholm. This hotel is amazing! Art deco paintings and artwork everywhere and you should see my room, not to mention the gentlemen both inside and outside the bar. We’re definitely staying here next time we meet here!

Last night I went Christmas shopping at NK, (a giant, Swedish 'mall') and happened to catch their yearly fashion show. It was a “smörgåsbord” of fashion ranging from DKNY, Burberry and some Swedish labels; one of them is called 'Acne,' which definitely doesn’t translate well!

Absolut Ice Bar, Stockholm, Sweden
While mingling in the crowd, I ran into an old co-worker from my New York office who was apparently working with a few of the designers! I hadn’t seen him in several years and when he invited me backstage for some champagne with the models and designers - well, I know how to seize good opportunity! I was wearing my favorite long-sleeved black DKNY dress and leather jacket, and was feeling especially fashionista-vampy ;-)

After meeting the male underwear models, I whipped out my e-cig and vaped backstage while scantily dressed, gorgeous men uncorked a bottle of Grande Cuvée Extra Brut champagne. A vaping vamp likes both her men and her champagne in extra brut!

Then a few of us ventured out to the Absolut Ice Bar to chill out and tease a few turister.

Gotta go, my aunt and uncle just called me. . .


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