Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mystery men and their packages

Dear Zuri,

After cheering on the 49ers and saying goodbye to Patrick, I flew back to Minneapolis on Sunday evening so I could make an important work meeting on Monday.

When I got home, outside my door were two mysterious, brown paper packages, tied up with strings. There was a note attached, and the moment I opened it and read the message written in German, I knew who sent it. . .

Brown paper package from Tobias. . . tied up with strings.
Freue Geburtstag, Liebling!

One of these packages is for you to open immediately, and the other is for your birthday. Because the absence of you and your sweet vapors just makes my heart grow fonder. . .

Alles Liebe,


The larger box marked “Open me first” contained a stunning bottle of Crémant d'Alsace champagne that had been elegantly wrapped with violet-colored tissue and ribbons.

The second box had a note attached that read: “Open on your special day.”

Oh, don’t you just love a man that pays this close attention to detail? ;-)

As you know, Zuri, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day, but I’m actually celebrating it this weekend at that beautiful, modern-deco hotel in downtown Minneapolis - the one where you stayed at last time you were here.

The hotel owner, who also recently switched to vaping after my encouragement at Viktor’s benefit a few weeks ago, insisted on lending me his own private party suite as an early birthday present and a thank you for turning him on to vaping!

I have a feeling this birthday will be one of the more memorable ones. Valentine's Day is one of the vampiest days of the year, and when you add my birthday to it. . . Va Va Vamp!


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