Sunday, February 3, 2013

Painting the town red in honor of "Wear Red Day"

Dear Zuri,

My debut at Sundance was truly just the beginning. Patrick followed that up with tickets to the Los Angeles premiere of Sound City, which was followed by an all-star concert at the Hollywood Palladium.

The Sound City Players rocked the night. My favorite performance was the collaboration by Sir Paul McCartney and the ever-talented Dave Grohl. "Cut Me Some Slack!"

On Friday, Patrick gave me a tour of his film production company. That night we painted the town red in honor of the American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day. I dazzled in rayon and rhinestones, and of course proudly vaped in honor of women's health, offering Vampstick to a group of girlfriends puffing on the patio at a club on Ventura Boulevard.

Butting in so I could talk about butting out ;-) Looking chic as always, it wasn't hard to convince them that smoking was passé and vaping is in vogue!

Patrick and I are making our way up the coast to San Francisco in his Dodge Viper, where we'll watch the Super Bowl with Terrence as he cheers on his 49ers. We'll show him a good time as a thank you for introducing us.

I'm not a gambling girl, but I'm betting there are many points to be made with this new friend. And so, dear Zuri, you ask who's winning? I think we can both guess the outcome, as we know that a vaping vamp on her game always knows the score. 

Game On!


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