Sunday, March 3, 2013

A terrifying dive in the Maldives

Dear Allie,

I’m writing you from Paradise!

Perrin continues to amaze me. After all our hard work last weekend setting up the new anti-smoking campaign, he decided we deserved a vacation in Maldives!

You know I adore diving, and the crystal clear water here is teaming with tropical fish. It’s been beautiful, but I must tell you about a terrifying moment yesterday...

With Perrin in paradise (the Maldives to be exact)
But first let me say the Naladhu Resort is romantic and exotic. We are in one of only 19 villas, which makes it very intimate. We have a private infinity edge pool, goose down pillows and a garden rain shower. The food is spectacular! Fragrant Thai dishes, fresh fruits and the breadfruit chips are seriously addicting. The white sand beaches are secluded and seem to beckon to us.

Perrin sings to me softly in French during our romantic walks, hand in hand, bare feet traipsing in the surf. It is a seductive and magical place…and sharing it with this deliciously debonair man has been magnificent.

Okay, enough about romance! Back to terrifying...

During our dive yesterday at Victory Wreck, a sunken ship covered in coral and alive with parrotfish, I was nearly attacked! The shipwreck is covered in jagged seashells and I was carefully maneuvering around the bow when I saw a flash of silver at lightning speed coming at me. I just caught a glimpse of needle sharp teeth when a long sleek barracuda went flying back away from me.

Perrin saved me from becoming a meal for this giant barracuda!
Perrin had pounded it away with his fist seconds before I was to become a nice mid-morning snack! He moved so fast to protect me! Even if I had seen the big barracuda early I may not have moved, I’ve seen them before and they attack swimmers infrequently.

We swam to the surface where we discovered Perrin had sustained a wound on his hand from the fish. Luckily it wasn’t serious. It did give me an excuse to baby him the rest of the evening. As you can imagine, a vaping vamp can nurse any man back to health!

I'll see you in a few days, dear friend! Now I'd better get back to Perrin and paradise!


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