Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bridal dress shopping, vaping and vamping

Dear Allie,

I had a wonderful weekend with you, Adam and Patrick. I can’t believe how lucky we were to score tickets to “Lucky Guy!” How exciting was it to sit within spitting distance of Tom Hanks and then to go backstage to meet Maura Tierney, thanks to Patrick’s Hollywood connections!

Wow, Patrick did bring some pretty good perk’s to the party, didn’t he? Can you see why I’m having such a hard time deciding whom to invite to be my guest at your wedding? You met Perrin, my Parisian playboy and you know all about Viktor, my rough and ruddy Russian. And someday soon, you will have to meet Tobias, my debonair diplomat…

But meanwhile, it was so much fun being back in NYC again, people-watching in Times Square, slurping those strong raspberry snow cones at Dave & Busters, dining on Peruvian Ceviche and roasted scallops and sipping cherry manhattans at Marseille. Thank goodness you knew that it just took a wink and a nod to the doorman Simonez to get inside to play and vape with NYC’s beautiful crowd at the Electric Room.

Vintage wedding dresses ARE beautiful!
I am thrilled I got to pick out your wedding dress and of course I LOVE the vintage theme! The “Glamour Vérité” exhibit at MOMA was quite the inspiration. Those cover photographs from the vintage (1928-40) French cinema tabloid Pour Vous were fascinating! I love seeing vintage vamps, and how their style of glamour has evolved through the years.

I think it’s funny how some fashion trends from eras such as the 1920’s come back into style – I still love plunging V necklines and long strings of pearls – while others take on a whole new twist.

For example, those long cigarette holders may look elegant, but they must’ve been a little unwieldy. And now even cigarettes are going out of style, because we finally have a much better, more glamorous alternative.

Now that vaping is coming into vogue, I would imagine that someday we’ll look back at photos of women smoking and think they’re about as glamorous as guys in Minnesota wearing their baseball caps backwards!

Luv and hugs,


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