Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Game of Cat and Mouse, and a New Latin Lover

Dear Diary,

It’s been years since I’ve written. But the truth is, I can no longer confess what’s really going on to my friends Allie and Zuri. It’s just too – vampy! OMG, what if someone got a hold of this and it ended up on FB?!

Dear Diary,  I'm confessing to you, because this it just too HOT to put in an e-mail!

I’m loving the single life so much that I fear that I must have a little more testosterone than most women. This must be what men who are playboys or players feel like. It’s a lot like a cat and mouse game. I know I can have whatever I want, whenever I want it and with whomever I want to have it.

I think it’s amazing that most men think they’re the cat and most women think they’re the mouse. How sad, when the opposite is actually true: women need to wake up and realize that they are actually the cat. They need to take control of their vamp power!

I got all dolled up in sexy red high heels for a night of salsa dancing and ...?
So last night, I got all dolled up in a flaming red dress and sexy red high heels, looking oh-so-vampy (but not trampy) and feeling like a vixen-kitty who licks its lips as it selects the plumpest, juiciest mouse. And then I headed out to the salsa club where I knew that there would be a lot of juicy Latin men, ripe for the picking…

I had always wanted to know if Latin lovers lived up to their reputation. And while I’ve had men from all over the world, somehow I’ve missed out on this particular breed.

I first sat at the bar and surveyed the pickings as I sipped a caipirinha and vaped my new favorite e-cigarette starter kit flavor: Mango Lola. And then I spotted him -- a tall, dark Latino man with a white hat and black mustache. I confidently went over and introduced myself: "Buenos noches. I'm Vita."

He smiled, took my hand and confidently spun and twirled me around on the dance floor. As our bodies moved in perfect rhythm to the music, I knew I had found the man who was worthy to be my Latin lover.

My salsa dance partner moved in perfect rhythm to the music and to my body.
Later, as we stood outside on the cobblestone walk along the Mississippi, he nibbled my neck and ears and whispered, “Te quiero” ("I want you"). I knew I felt the exact same way...

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