Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can Men Be Vamps?

The definition of a vamp is a seductive woman who exploits men by use of her sexual charms. But I’ve often wondered if men can also be vamps.

After meeting Terrence’s friend Miguel in San Francisco, I’m completely convinced that men, too, can be vamps. (I stopped off in San Francisco on my way home from Berlin to celebrate with my gay friend, Terrence and spend an evening with Patrick.)

In fact, I think vampiness comes even more naturally to men. While many women are busy finding a man to feather their nest, men tend to cast about, always on the lookout for their next conquest.

Women and men use drastically different means to lure in their prey, of course.

Women use their bodies, dressing provocatively to show off our best assets: low-cut blouses that expose a bit of cleavage, tight, short skirts that hug our butts, and of course, high-heeled shoes: the vampier, the better!

Men use a whole different tack: courting women with divine dinners, hot cars, and bachelor pads designed to entice and seduce.

Now I’ve seen a lot of seductive bachelor pads in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like Miguel’s. A successful real estate mogul, Miguel owns several apartment buildings and homes in the San Francisco area, where housing prices have increased as much as 30 percent in the last couple of years. Needless to say, he’s doing quite well.

Miguel lives and parties in several houses, but none is more fascinating than his party mansion, which is 5,000 square feet of pure fun and frivolity.

Inside are 32 rooms – each designed and decorated around a different theme: the Elvis room with all the best concepts from Graceland, the I Dream of Jeannie room where you walk into Jeannie’s bottle, and the Bourbon Street room with a full sized carousel horse, Victorian wrought iron gate and a waterfall running down the wall.

The I Dream of Jeannie Room, where you walk inside Jeannie's bottle.
We danced to British invasion rock and roll (“I Saw Her Standing There,” “Bus Stop,” “You Really Got Me”) in the art deco theatre on a cushioned dance floor with two balconies.

Since Terrence was a good friend of Miguel’s, he snuck us into the secret passageways hidden in the walls and under the floors. That’s where we found the most amazing part of the house of all -- an area I’ll call his “concubine dormitory.”

On either side of the hallway were five dormitory-style rooms with a single bed, and at the end of the hall was a room with a circular red velvet couch, sheepskin rug, mood lighting and a seductive sound system.

I wondered: who stays in these rooms? They obviously succumb to Miguel's vamp-charm.

I am not just a vaping vamp;  I consider myself to the be vampiest woman of them all. But I think if we included both women and men, Miguel may just have me beat...

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